“I had the opportunity to work with Chris for a little over a year at Battlefy and my learnings were exponential. Chris' critical thinking is probably one of the most impressive things ever. He really challenged me to think about not only design but the business as a whole.

I respect his feedback because they are always constructive, actionable, and evidence-based. He went above and beyond to mentor me on product strategy, communication, and leadership.”

- Denise Villanueva, Product Designer. Reported directly to Chris at Battlefy.

“Chris is an outstanding product designer & manager. One of his strengths is empathizing with users and delivering products that inspire. He has the ability to care for the smallest details and notice the hidden subtleties about human interaction, anchoring to them to design amazing experiences.

On the other hand he always has the big picture in mind, which helps him focus on solving the most relevant problems of our users and deliver solutions in an orderly manner. I would recommend Chris to any teams who are making the world a better place. With him your Goliathic battle will become just a little easier.”

— Feng Wu, Senior Software Engineer, Verafin

“Chris is a gifted designer and a true thought leader. I worked closely with Chris on several new products and each time he taught me something new. What makes him special is his ability to break down highly complex user problems into manageable pieces that a product team can execute against.

As a leader, his constant pursuit to deliver a great experience for users compels everyone he works with to do their very best work.”

— Sam Newman-Bremang, Senior Product Manager, Battlefy 

“Chris' strengths at Product Design are various and can be seen directly on the articles he publishes on Medium. What is not there is how strong he is as an inspiring leader and a very reliable thought partner. Our discussions around product and design philosophies and how to move forward in a fast paced industry like ours were always enlightening. He is also a good mentor, helped me understand the JTBD concept that I wasn't familiar with and always made it easy to get both our areas on the same page.

I can't recommend Chris enough, both for his skills as designer but mainly for how strong he is at partnering with product and other areas in the company.”

— Joaquim Nobre, ex-Senior Product Manager Google, Riot

“Chris has a knack for design. He has an uncanny ability to get into the user's mind and distills their intent into a clear job to be done. On the flip side Chris is an amazing gut check on whether a product offering is good or not. Chris just gets it.”

— Ronald Chen, Senior Software Engineer, Battlefy